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We love the game of football. Football brings people great joy. The football that draws people to the stadiums. The football, that glues the people to the television. The football that makes people flash their eyes, wondering what their eyes have just seen. The football that leaves people shaking their heads out of pure disbelief. The football that sometimes is pure magic and can’t de described in words.

We want to facilitate this kind of football, by advising the football players and provide assistance, in all matters that should be well arranged. These business matters are not as common for football players, as the game with the ball. We take care of all important business matters and provide the football players with maximum comfort. Because the players know their business interests are always taken care of. We do this in good times but especcialy when times are rough.

We provide our players with advice and take appropriate actions when needed. So that our players can do what they are good at. Giving pleasure to the public by displaying their football skills on the field. This enables our players to have a free mind. Because one thing is for sure, that is, that both sports and business matters are properly taken care of. The footballer can have a free mindset and let their feet and athletic ability do the rest. The public has now nothing else to do, then to enjoy the players on the field

We take care of the professional interests of our players and ensure a positive development of the financial situation

A team with legal expertise and knowledge of football with the right contacts in the sports world

Every player wants to play for a big club and demonstrate their exceptional talent. We are the partner to realize this dream

We are a reliable partner for our clients and take care of their business needs in their career on and of the pitch