Transfer Dispute Playeragent

— Dispute about 0,5 mln euro’s between FC Twente and Dutch Player Agent

The arbitration committee from de Dutch Association passed a verdict in the case between the Dutch Football Club FC Twente and a Dutch playeragent about the transfer commission regarding a loan. In these cases it’s essential that you’re agent is able to make proper appointments and act according these appointments. In the Netherlands we have the Abitration Committee that can pass a verdict in these disputes. The best thing you’re agent can do, is to make clear appointments and make them clear to everybody also the client, in this case the player. Check the link below for the verdict of the Dutch Association.

Decision Arbitration Committee Dutch Association

When choosing an agent you can check the amount of arbitration cases in which you’re agent was involved and more important the outcome of these cases. Because everybody can be pulled in to a case, without having done anything wrong. But was the decision ruled against you’re future agent you should reconsider youre choice. That’s why an agent with some legal kwowledge can be useful.