— DRC Chamber sanctiones Football Club tot pay overdue salary and intrest

The Dispute Resolution chamber santiones club to pay overdue salary and 5% intrest to the player. In order to make sure you receive everything, that you’re entitled on. The bases is a good contract. So never settle fora verbal commitment, beacause in a later stage during a conflict with the club, this can easily be disputed. It is logical but still happens too often in practice. The judge will only involve indisputable facts in his considerations to reach a conclusion. So it all starts with:

1. A good contract.

2. Tight monitoring of appointments (such as salary payments) and also you’re own obligations.

3. Identification of defects in writing.

4. Put the debtor in default with a deadline of at least 10 days.

5. Take legal steps to claim overdue payables, of course all increased with the legal interest.

6. All this can and should be arranged by your management and focus yourself on your performance on sports.

Check out the decision of the DRC below:

Decision Dispute Resolution Chamber DRC


And get paid…..