— FIFA Decision Dispute Resolution Chamber concerning Termination Employment Contract Football Player

The Dispute Resolution chamber passed judgement in an interesting case, where a player terminated his contract by just cause. After the club failed to fullfill the agreed up on term and conditions in regard to the paying of the salary. The conclusion of the case in short is that a club is still obliged to pay the salary that was agreed upon in the original contract, when the player terminates the contract in good cause and hasn’t been able to find another club to compensate his/her loses in income that he woud have received if the origineel contract was properly fulfilled by the previous club. In this case the player terminated his contract because the club did not pay the salary , that was agreed upon. The termination of the contract did not release the former club of the obligation to pay the rest of the owed salary deducted with the new income from the player. Check the lick for verdict: