We deliver a complete package of the necessary disciplines to ensure optimum management of the player’s career.

During a career a player needs to make important decisions. At such a moment it’s important to have a partner that has an overview of the various disciplines involved to achieve an ensure success

We assist our players in the negotiation process of the player contracts, a satisfactory result for the long term is the ultimate goal

We act as a spokesperson and ensure crisis communication if necessary is handled and are careful to build a proper image of our players

We are an agency that is also able to guide our players in the complex world of legal agreements and large commercial interests

We match our players only to the proper brands and build carefully on a proper image

We assist our players with financial advice and estate planning with the explicit obligation to make sure that the future is financially taken care of

We help our players to the top and to the ultimate goal. Playing at the best clubs in the world in the best teams